BIW Welding Tool Changer

LTC-0300E Tool Changer

Model: LTC-0300E

Robot Side PO: 0141

Tool Side PO: 0241

payload: 300kg

payload: 2767N·m

LTC-0500A Tool Changer

Model: LTC-0500A

Robot Side PO: 0140

Tool Side PO: 0240

payload: 500kg

payload: 3820N·m

LTC-0700B Tool Changer

Model: LTC-0700B

Robot Side PO: 0143

Tool Side PO: 0243

payload: 700kg

payload: 5060N·m

Automatic Tool Changers

Business Type: Machinery & Equipment

Main Products: Tool Changer,BIW Welding Tool Changer,Floating energy coupler

Number of Employees: 300

Year of Establish ment: 0

Off Season Lead Time: within 15 workdays

Peak season lead time: within 15 workdays