High Quality Neodymium Oxide with Factory Price 99.5-99.9% ND2o3 Rare Earth for Glass

CAS No.:
Neodymium Oxide
Grade Standard:
Industrial Grade


Rutile Grade TiO2/ Titanium Dioxide/ Titanium Oxide for Paints

CAS No.: 13463-67-7

Formula: TiO2

EINECS: 236-675-5

Classification: Titanium Dioxide

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Beads Grinding Media Low Abrasive

CAS No.: 1314-23-4

Formula: Zro2

EINECS: 215-227-2

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Quality: First Class

CAS 1309-42-8 Multiple Grade 98% Powder Magnesium Hydroxide

Production Capacity: 3000 Metric Tons Per Year

CAS No.: 1309-42-8

Formula: H2MGO2

EINECS: 215-170-3

Classification: Magnesium Oxide


Origin Place 广东省 Model No. SY-Nd
Payment Terms FOB Kind Alkaline Oxide
Samples US$ 200/kg 1 kg(Min.Order) | Request Sample Customization Available | Customized Request
CAS No. 1313-97-9 Formula ND2o3
EINECS 215-214-1 Classification Neodymium Oxide
Grade Standard Industrial Grade Kind Alkaline Oxide
Quality First Class Transport Package 25kg Plastic Drum
Specification 99.9-99.999% Trademark Suoyi
HS Code 2846901400 Production Capacity 2000 Tons/Month


High Quality Neodymium Oxide with Factory Price 99.5-99.9% ND2o3 Rare Earth for Glass
Product Description

Product Parameters
Neodymium oxide (Nd2O3)
Appearance: light blue powder
Molecular formula: Nd2O3
CAS: 1313-97-9  
EINECS: 215-214-1
Molecular Weight: 336.47    
Molar mass: 336.48 g/mol  
Density:7.24 g/cm3  
Melting point: 1900 °C
It is insoluble in water and soluble in acid.

High Quality Neodymium Oxide with Factory Price 99.5-99.9% ND2o3 Rare Earth
CAS 1313-97-9 99.5%Min ND2o3 Price of Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide Power
Light Blue Powder CAS 1313-97-9 99.5%Min Nd2O3 Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide



1. Neodymium oxide is mainly used as a colorant for glass and ceramics, raw materials for making metal neodymium and strong magnetic neodymium iron boron. Adding 1.5% to 2.5% nano-neodymium oxide to magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy can improve the high temperature performance of the alloy. , air tightness and corrosion resistance, widely used as aerospace materials.
2. Nanometer yttrium aluminum garnet doped with nanometer neodymium oxide produces short-wave laser beam, which is widely used in welding and cutting of thin materials with thickness below 10mm in industry.
3. In medical treatment, nanometer yttrium aluminum garnet laser doped with nanometer neodymium oxide can be used to remove surgical or sterilize wounds instead of scalpel.
4. Nano neodymium oxide is also used in the coloring of glass and ceramic materials as well as rubber products and additives.

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Hebei Suoyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded since 2012. It is a company committed to integrating the highest quality, most comprehensive and stable chemical advanced materials for customers. Suoyi has a comprehensive supplier system in 145 cities in China. We cooperate with 26 aluminum salt companies, 19 companies rare earth salt companies, and 22 zirconium salt companies which among the top 50 in China.
Suoyi's experienced supplier system can deliver more than 1,500 customized materials, mainly involving 195 rare earth oxides, 45 rare earth fluorides, 145 zirconium salts, 358 aluminum salts and 99 nano materials. Application: spraying industry, biomedicine, optical glass, artificial gems, new energy, automobile industry, petroleum industry, ceramic industry, electronics industry, agriculture, food and other fields. Products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries, and have cooperated with well-known companies in Japan and South Korea for more than 7 years.
Since it was founded, Suoyi has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, and win-win", with the purpose of "market-oriented, customer-centric, customized services", to provide customers with quality products and first-class services. Suoyi is willing to provide you with customized products and services and excellent solutions.

Sy Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide ND2o3 Blue Powder Used as a Colorant for Glass and Ceramics
Optical Grade ND2o3 Neodymium Oxide Granule
for Making Neodymium Glass CAS 1313-97-9 Powder Blue ND2o3 Neodymium (III) -Oxide Rare Earth
4n 99.99% Neodymium Oxide Granule ND2o3 for Optical Vacuum Coating
The Best Price CAS 1313-97-9 99.5%Min ND2o3 Price of Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide Powder
Rare Earth Neodymium Oxide ND2o3 Blue Granule China
Rare Earth Compound ND2o3 99%-99.99% Powder 2n to 4n CAS 1313-97-9 Neodymium Oxide Powder


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